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Some of the Best Businesses That You May Buy Today

The risks of investing in a small business are higher than many other types of investments, but the potential rewards are also greater. They provide jobs for nearly half of the U.S. workforce and are a significant part of the economy.

That said, if you happen to make the right choice, they can be a great way to create long-term wealth for you and your family.

If you do not have any idea of where to start and what ventures to scope out for, look no further than our examples below.

1. Catering Business

Catering can be a very profitable business venture, especially if you specialize in a certain cuisine or food type. Another upside to catering is that margins are often quite high, making it a lucrative option for those looking to make a lot of money.

The main costs you will incur as a catering company are advertising, food, staff, and transport. However, the profit margins are significant enough to cover the increased overhead.

A catering business with a good reputation and making money can be a great investment. These businesses often have high margins and are usually in high demand throughout the year.

2. Cleaning Service

There are many opportunities for those looking to get into the cleaning business. Whether you start your own business or work for an existing company, there is a high demand for cleaning services. The barriers to entry are low, making this an attractive option for many people. You can be successful in this industry with a little bit of hard work.

Cleaning services are in high demand by both commercial property owners and private individuals. This is because they offer a convenient way to keep the property clean and tidy, freeing up the client's time. This provides a steady stream of potential customers for the cleaning company.

That said, find one that is doing well and has a good reputation. They should also have a good marketing system in place that helps them bring in new customers on a regular basis. This can be a specially good opportunity in cities that are growing.

3. Dropshipping Websites

Dropshipping is a type of eCommerce business method in which online stores don't keep the products they sell in stock. Instead, when a store receives an order from a buyer, they simply contact the supplier, one who will ship the products directly to the customer. Dropshipping apps also let you add products from various suppliers into your shop to fuel your product offering.

Dropshipping websites have lower margins than traditional eCommerce websites because entrepreneurs don't have to invest in inventory. However, they are much more flexible because they don't have to worry about storing products or fulfilling orders.

This also means you can sell a wide range of products without worrying about storage or shipping. Dropshipping websites are often used by businesses that want to offer a greater variety of products without the need for a large inventory.

4. Ecommerce Websites

The internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for businesses, and eCommerce websites are at the forefront of this. By catering to specific niche markets, these businesses can reach a wider audience and grow much faster than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

The main downside to having an eCommerce business is that you will need to keep inventory on hand. This can be overcome by using services like Amazon FBA or a similar fulfillment service.

Ecommerce websites have the potential to reach a much wider audience than brick-and-mortar businesses, making them more likely to experience significant growth. If you're interested in starting an eCommerce business, look for undervalued websites with room for improvement. You may want to consider taking a course on how to build an eCommerce store to get started.

5. IT Support

The demand for IT support is high and growing, making it a profitable business idea. IT professionals are in high demand, and the industry is projected to grow 9% from 2020 to 2030. You can help customers with their computer software, internet, and security issues.

If you are good with technology and can be patient with people, then starting a mobile IT support business could be profitable for you. You would be able to offer support that is better than what technology manufacturers typically offer, which can often be slow and unhelpful.

6. Marketing and Advertising Agency

Advertising and marketing agencies play an important role in helping businesses connect with potential customers and promote their brands. Because they play such a vital role in a company's revenue, these agencies are highly sought after and can be quite expensive.

Purchasing an already existing marketing agency can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can help cut down on the time it takes to start making a profit. Secondly, by ensuring that the agency you buy has solid systems and processes in place and existing contracts with clients, you can help minimize any risks associated with the purchase.

7. Niche and Authority Websites

An authority website is a website that is an expert on a particular topic. This could be a website about a specific hobby or interest or even a website about a person or company. Authority websites are generally large, with a lot of content and different sections.

A niche website, on the other hand, is a website that is focused on a much narrower topic. Niche websites are usually smaller than authority websites and generally don't have as much content. However, niche websites can be very successful if they are well-optimized and target a specific audience.

Niche and authority websites can be very profitable and are often easy to operate and manage. Look for websites that may be undervalued and consider investing in them. Digital assets, such as websites, often sell for much higher multiples than traditional assets, making them a good investment.

8. Real Estate Sales and Management

There is no one path to becoming a real estate agent. You can come from any background and get a real estate license in your state. Some states may require a specialized broker's license or property manager's license to operate your own real estate office, but you can get started without any specific degree. Just hit the books and get started in your new career!

Once you have established yourself in the real estate industry, you will need to put in time and effort to maintain your relationships, attract new clients, and market properties effectively to ensure a quick sale.

In order to earn a typical real estate commission, agents must split 6% of the total sale price between the buyer's and seller's agents. This commission is often seen when selling homes and can be a large sum of money. For example, if a home is sold for $250,000, each agent would earn $7,500 from the sale. If an agent were to sell two homes per month, they would quickly earn a six-figure income.


There are many great businesses to buy today; you just have to do your research and find the one that is the best fit for you. Consider your goals and what you are looking for. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and get as much information as you can.

Buying a venture can be a great way to achieve your goals and achieve financial independence.

If you are looking for the best businesses to invest in, look no further than our recommendations here at Best Companies. We are an organization that helps publicize the best niche companies from around the United States, and our goal is to help you find the best people and companies to work with within your area. Contact us today, and let us help you make the best investment option that you’ve ever had.

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